Gameday Matchup

Assess the game ahead with a weekly, one-page report. A specific, simulated breakdown of your Game Winning Chance at kickoff helps you better understand your offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses for weekly game planning.

Reveal the optimal play choice and relative merits of alternatives for any unique game situation within seconds. Batch mode simplifies the analysis of even the most complex decisions, allowing you to simulate multiple play scenarios and input ranges with a single command. The heart of EdjFootball.

Analyze and learn more from every game with a detailed breakdown of game equity progression and key decisions. Deep insights into the GWC at every pivotal moment can enable more impactful results.

Take game planning and in-game decision making to the next level. Customized reference charts provide guidance on key overtime, PAT and kickoff decisions. While the Playcall Simulator cannot be accessed during the game, this is the next best thing.

Gain a greater understanding of the assets and liabilities that are shaping your seasonal performance. Play execution, critical decisions, turnovers and strength of schedule are broken down and graded in this comprehensive report.

EdjFootball offers collaborative consultation to make the most of your proprietary data and performance goals.

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